Yin Zhang

Research Associate
Institute of Engineering Geodesy Stuttgart
Faculty 6: Aerospace Engineering and Geodesy


+49 711 685-84057

Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 24D
70174 Stuttgart


  • Engineering geodesy and geodetic evaluation methods
  • Control and optimization of measuring processes

Zhang, Y. (2018): Expected Utilities for Decision Making and Steering of Measurement Processes, Dissertation. Wissenschaftliche Arbeiten der Fachrichtung Geodäsie und Geoinformatik der Leibniz Universität Hannover ISSN 0174-1454, Nr. 345.

Zhang, Y.; Neumann, I. (2014): Utility Theory as a Method to Minimise the Risk in Deformation Analysis Decisions,  In: Journal of Applied Geodesy. Volume 8, Issue 4, ISSN (Online) 1862-9024, ISSN (Print) 1862-9016, pp. 283–294. 
DOI: 10.1515/jag-2014-0012

Zhang, Y.; Neumann, I. (2013): Risk Assessment for Slope Monitoring,  In: Journal of Applied Geodesy, Jg. 7, Nr. 3/2013, S. 159–171. 
DOI: 10.1515/jag-2012-0036

Neumann, I.; Zhang, Y. (2015): Kosteneffiziente Entscheidungen bei Monitoringprojekten,  In: Busch, W. und Knospe, S. (Hrsg.): Tagungsband Geomonitoring 2015, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, S. 139-150.

Zhang, Y.; Neumann, I. (2013): Minimising the Risk for Deformation Monitoring Projects,  In: Proceedings of the 2nd Joint international Symposium on Deformation Monitoring. Nottingham, England.

Neumann, I.; Zhang, Y. (2011): Assessment of risk within Geodetic decision,  In: Proceedings of the 5th IAG Symposium on Geodesy for Geotechnical and Structural Engineering, the 13th FIG Symposium on Deformation Measurements and Analysis and 2nd International Workshop on Spatial Information Technologies for Monitoring the Deformation of Large-Scale Man-made Linear Features. CD Proceedings, Joint International Symposium on Deformation Monitoring. HongKong, China.

Statistics and error theory
(Bachelor Geodesy and Geoinformatic, 2nd Semester)


Kinematic Measurement Systems
(Master GeoEngine, 2nd Semester)

Zhang, Y.; Neumann, I. (2013): Steering of measurement processes with the aid of utility values,  Geodätische Woche, Essen, 08.‑10.10.2013.

Zhang, Y.; Neumann, I. (2012): Risk Assessment for Slope Monitoring,  Geodätische Woche. Hannover, 09.-11.10.2012.

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