GeoEngine - Geomatics Engineering (Master of Science)

Integrated Project (Fieldwork)

Summer semester

Course of Study: GeoEngine - MSc in Geomatics Engineering 
Semester: 2nd Semester (SS)
Module 7 41280 - Integrated Project (Fieldwork)
Course contents: The students work in a team for ten days to realize a project on a special topic. The individual measurement, evaluation and analysis tasks will be carried through in small working groups. The lecturers supervise the work and guide the students to solve occurring problems.
Before the fieldwork the students have to prepare their part of the common project. This task comprises the presentation of a work package as well as a task description for the colleagues.
After the fieldwork the students have to prepare a final report and to present the results of their work package. 


Lecturer: Dr.-Ing. Martin Metzner
M.Sc. Gabriel Kerekes
Semester load: 10 days (project) 
Course ID: 324128010
Time: 5 days (fieldwork) 5 days (evaluation)
Date: 09.04.2019 preliminary discussion  15:15 - 16:45; M 24.01
Content: Varying topics will be dealt with; examples of the past project are:
  • geoid determination
  • development of a tourist information system
  • setting out of a tunnel
Further Information: The Communication and administration of this course is done via the ILIAS platform.Therefore is it recommended to join the course via the C@ MPUS-system of the University of Stuttgart
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