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In addition to the systems for controlling the construction machinery, traffic control systems as well as vehicle navigation and positioning systems are being researched at the IIGS. give analogously. The field of kinematic measurement technology is the geodetic component, which operates by means of suitable sensors in the vehicle, the acquisition of data on the actual state of the vehicle.

With the help of position and movement data, approaches for vehicle-autonomous and central-supported position determination of land and rail vehicles are developed and applied. In addition to sensor fusion, the integration of map-matching and map-aiding technologies using application-specific digital maps is a key task in determining the position of moving objects.

The institute also works intensively on the acquisition and modeling of digital maps, in particular digital road maps.

Of crucial importance in all component fields is the modeling of processes and objects as well as their qualitative evaluation. A key focus is therefore quality models, quality assurance and quality management. Furthermore, evaluation strategies and methods are very important.

Project areas overview


  • QuCon - Development of a Real Time Quality Support System for the Houses Construction Industry
  • EQuiP - Efficiency optimization and quality control of engineering geodesy processes in civil engineering

Guidance of construction machines





Martin  Metzner

Martin Metzner

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