Thematic Cartography

GeoEngine - Geomatics Engineering (Master of Science)

Winter semester (mandatory) Module 6

Course of Study: GeoEngine -  Geomatics Engineering  (Master of Science)
Semester: 3rd Semester (WS)
Module 6 41250 - Representation of Geodata
Course contents: Basics of cartography, analysis for information systems requirements (focus on thematic maps), scientific cartography, cognitive maps, structure of the geo-data market, cost structures for the generation of maps, techniques for homogenizing data sets (matching and merging), map design, animated maps, thematic maps for individual and public transport.
Semester load: 1 SWS
Lecture ID: 324125030
Further Information: C@MPUS-System Thematic Cartography
Semester load: 1 SWS
Lecture ID: 324125040
Further Information: C@MPUS-System Thematic Cartography, Labs (Übung)


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