GeoEngine - Geomatics Engineering (Master of Science)

Transport Telematics

Winter semester (electiv) Module 8

Course of Study: GeoEngine -  Geomatics Engineering  (Master of Science)
Semester: 3rd Semester (WS)
Module 8 77800 - Multisensor Integration in Geodesy and Transport (elective)
Course contents: Digital road network, geographical data file, communication technologies, telematic applications, positioning and navigation functions, car navigation systems, traffic management systems, computer assisted operational control systems for public transport and fleet management, information services for traffic, driver assistance systems. 
  • Module 1: Advanced Mathematics
  • Module 2: Geomatics Methodology
  • Module 5: Data Acquisition
Recommended Textbooks:
  • McQueen, B. und McQueen, J. (1999): Intelligent transportation systems architectures. Boston: Artech House.
  • Drane, C. und Rizos, C. (1998): Positioning systems in intelligent transportation systems. Boston: Artech House.
  • Anand, D.K.: Introduction to control systems (1974). Pergamon, New York Braunschweig.  
Further Information: The Communication and administration of this course is done via the ILIAS platform. All interested students are therefore asked to join the ILIAS course.
Please see the ILIAS-Platform of the University of Stuttgart


Lecturer: Dr.-Ing. Martin Metzner
Semester load: 2 SWS
Course ID: 32 7780030
Room: M 2.370  
Time: Thursday, 14:00 - 15:30
Start: 05.11.2020 to 11.02.2021


Tutor: Dr.-Ing. Yin Zhang
Semester load: 1 SWS
Course ID: 32 7780040
Room: Laboratory
Time: Wednesday, 12:15 - 13:00 and 14:00 - 14:45
Start: 11.11.2020 to 10.02.2021
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