GeoEngine - Geomatics Engineering (Master of Science)

Winter semester (mandatory) Module 3

Course of Study GeoEngine -  Geomatics Engineering  (Master of Science)
Semester 1st Semester (WS)
Module 3 48400  - Engeering Geodesy
Preconditions: Elementary knowledge of mathematics and geodetic measurement techniques from prior BSc programs.
  • Monitoring networks and point determination, 
  • Inclination measurements,
  • Hydrostatical leveling, Alignment, plumbing methods, additional sensors
  • Monitoring analysis using the congruency model: two- and multi-epoch
  • Comparison, global test, sensitivity test for localization of deformations
  • Graphical programming: introduction and data acquisition, Recapitulation of tachymeter techniques and measurements, Robot total stations, GNSS
Semester load: 1 SWS
Lecture ID: 324840010
Further Information: C@MPUS-System Monitoring
Semester load: 1 SWS
Lecture ID: 324840020
Further Information: C@MPUS-System Monitoring, Labs (Übung)


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