EuroRoadS -Pan-European Road Data Solution


EuroRoadS is an EU-funded project, conducted from March 2003 until August 2006


The project objective was to develop a platform for road data provision. The platform should simplified data access and standardized data exchange. The IIGS focused on the development and implementation of a quality management concept with regards to data quality.


  • ERTICO ITS Europe (Belgium)
  • EuroGeographics


  • Lantmäteriet (Sweden)
  • Ordnance Survey (Great Britain)
  • Institut Géographique National (France)
  • Federal Department for Calibration and Land Surveying (Austria)
  • Vägverket (Sweden)
  • Bavarian Department of Highways and Bridges (OBB), (Germany)
  • PTV AG (Germany)
  • University of Stuttgart, Institute for Engineering Geodesy (IIGS)


A specification framework describing the structure and the content of the considered road data was developed. Exchange mechanisms and a corresponding quality model were tested in prototypical implementations.
Special focus was put on the provision of existing road data from national or regional road authorities across Europe to application- or service providers. Therefore, EuroRoadS considered the complete information chain starting from the data acquisition up to the individual services.

The IIGS main field of activities in EuroRoadS was the development of a data quality concept as well as the development of quality assurance measures. The project verification of the quality management concept as well as the practical application of the quality assurance measures was done with the help of both, meta- and user data in the project’s field test sites.


The IIGS results are the specifications of a quality concept and a methodology for description and assessment / benchmarking of data quality within information processes.

 Quality management und data quality (© iigs)


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Martin Metzner


Deputy Director / Head of Section Geo-Mobility and BIM

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