GeoEngine - Geomatics Engineering (Master of Science)

Kinematic Measurement Systems

Summer semester (mandatory) Module 3

Course of Study: GeoEngine -  Geomatics Engineering  (Master of Science)
Semester: 2nd Semester 
Module 3 48400  -  Engeneering Geodesy 
Course contents: Data acquisition and modelling of moving objects, robot tachymeters, kinematic sensors, positioning for moving objects, kinematic and dynamic models, identification of dynamic systems, Kalman filter and further filter algorithms, motion in time and frequency domain, integration of kinematic measurements into control circles. 
Recommended Textbooks:
  • Gelb, G. (1994, Editor): Applied optimal estimation (Reprint 13). M.I.T. Press, Cambridge, Mass., USA.
  • Chui, C.K., Chen, G. (1999): Kalman filtering with real time applications (3rd edition). Springer, Heidelberg – Berlin.
  • Deumlich, F., Staiger, R. (2002): Instrumentenkunde der Vermessungstechnik (9. Auflage). Wichmann, Heidelberg.
  • Anand, D.K.: Introduction to control systems (1974). Pergamon, New York Braunschweig.  
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Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Volker Schwieger
Semester load: 2 SWS
Course ID: 324840030
Room: M 24.01
Time: Tuesday, 13:30 -15:00
  •  Introduction and Defintions for Kinematics
  •  Robot-Tachymeter
  •  Modelling of Moving Objects
  •  Control of Moving Objects
  •  Application of Guidance and Control in Construction
Tutor: M.Sc. Urs Basalla
Semester load: 1 SWS
Course ID: 324840040
Room: M 2.31  (Breitscheidstr. 2)
Time: Tuesday, 11:30 -13:00 
  • 1st Lab: Steering of Robot Tachymeter
  • 2nd Lab: Programming of Robot Tachymeter
  • 3rd Lab: Kinematic Tachymeter Measurements
  • 4th Lab: Kinematic GNSS Measurements
  • 5th Lab: Simulation of a Closed-Loop-System for Vehicles
  • 6th Lab: Tachymeter Closed-Loop-System for a Construction Machine Simulator
  • 7th Lab: GNSS Closed-Loop-System for a Construction Machine Simulator
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