This image shows Ashraf  Abdallah

Ashraf Abdallah

Dr. -Ing.

Postdoc Scientist
Institute of Engineering Geodesy Stuttgart
Faculty 6: Aerospace Engineering and Geodesy


Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 24D
70174 Stuttgart


  • GNSS observation technology for water management
  • Precise point positioning for surveying applications
  • Ionospheric modeling for single frequency PPP solutions
  1. Abdallah, A., Agag, T., & Schwieger, V. (2023). Method of Development of a New Regional Ionosphere Model (RIM) to Improve Static Single-Frequency Precise Point Positioning (SF-PPP) for Egypt Using Bernese GNSS Software. Remote Sensing, 15(12), Article 12.
  2. Abdallah, A., Agag, T., & Schwieger, V. (2022). Validation of CODE-GIM and Regional Ionosphere Model (RIM) for Single Frequency GNSS PPP Solution using Bernese GNSS software- Case Study, Egyptian Nile Delta. XXVII FIG Congress 2022, Warsaw, Poland.
  3. Abdallah, A., & Schwieger, V. (2018). Improving Hydrographic PPP by Height Constraining. FIG Congress 2018, Istanbul, Turkey. May 06-11.
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  6. Abdallah, A. T. M. (2016). Precise point positioning for kinematic applications to improve hydrographic survey [Dissertation, Universität Stuttgart]. In Publikationen der Universität Stuttgart.
  7. Abdallah, A. (2015). The Effect of Convergence Time on the Static-PPP Solution. 2nd International Workshop on “Integration of Point- and Area- Wise Geodetic Monitoring for Structures and Natural Objects” Stuttgart, Germany, 23.-24.Mar.
  8. Abdallah, A., & Schwieger, V. (2015). PPP for Hydrography. GPS World Magazine. GPS World Magazine, 26 (12), 2–55.
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