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Gabriel Kerekes

Research Associate
Institute of Engineering Geodesy Stuttgart
Faculty 6: Aerospace Engineering and Geodesy


+49 711 685-84051

Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 24D
70174 Stuttgart


Terrestrial Laser Scanning
Surveying  Engineering 
Kerekes G., Schwieger V. (2021):Determining Variance-Covariance Matrices for Terrestrial Laser Scans: A Case Study of the Arch Dam Kops. In: Kopáčik A., Kyrinovič P., Erdélyi J., Paar R., Marendić A. (eds) Contributions to International Conferences on Engineering Surveying. Springer Proceedings in Earth and Environmental Sciences. Springer, Cham.
Kerekes, G.; Schwieger, V. (2020): Elementary Error Model Applied to Terrestrial Laser Scanning Measurements: Study Case Arch Dam Kops. Mathematics 2020, Vol. 8(4), 593.
Schwieger, V.; Kerekes G.; Lerke, O. (2020): Image-Based Target Detection and Tracking Using Image-Assisted Robotic Total Stations. In: Sergiyenko O., Flores-Fuentes W., Mercorelli P. (eds) Machine Vision and Navigation. Springer, Cham
Schwieger, V.; Lerke, O.; Kerekes, G. (2019): Image-Based Target Detection and Tracking Using Image-Assisted Robotic Total Stations. FIG Working Week 2019, Hanoi, Vietnam.
Kerekes, G.; Schwieger, V. (2018): Position Determination of a Moving Reflector in Real Time by Robotic Total Station Angle Measurements. Journal of Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre - No 9 / 2018, ISSN 1454-1408, Bucharest, Romania.
Kerekes, G.; Schwieger, V. (2018): Kinematic Positioning in a Real Time Robotic Total Station Network System. 6th International Conference on Machine Control and Guidance. Bornimer Agrartechnische Berichte Heft 101, ISSN 0947-7314, p. 35-43, Berlin, Germany.
Kerekes, G. (2013): Open Source 3D Modeling from Raster Images. Young Researchers Conference at the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest. In Mathematical Modelling in Civil Engineering, Special Issue, p. 84-89, Bucharest, Romania
Kerekes, G. (2013): Open Source GIS Cartography for Small Scale Maps. 8th National Student Symposium ‘’IF-IM-CAD’’. Journal of Young Scientist, Vol.I, ISSN 2344 - 1283, p. 221-226, Bucharest, Romania
Kerekes, G. (2012): Geospatial analysis of a database for the first order geodetic network of Romania. Proceedings of “In Extenso” Scientific Student’s Communication Session (Romanian), Alba Iulia, Romania.
Master thesis:
Kerekes, G. (2014): Evaluation of the Control Quality for a Construction Machine Simulator using the Laser Tracker API Radian. (Master Thesis), Institute of Engineering Geodesy, University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany.


Engineering Geodesy II
(Geodesy and Geomatics, Bachelor 6th Semester)
Integrated Fieldwork
(Geodesy and Geomatics, 6th Semester; GEOENGINE, 2nd Semester)
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